Professional Learning Framework for Academic Staff

The University of Queensland’s professional learning framework maps some of the many ways that academics learn about teaching in higher education. This learning happens in diverse ways and is most effective when driven by academics themselves.


Professional learning at UQ is informed by three principles.

  1. Inquiry into one’s teaching: questioning, experimenting, reflecting
  2. Interaction with people and ideas: reading, discussion, communities
  3. Diversity through choice and flexibility: different purposes, different ways of learning, different discipline contexts

Dimensions of the Framework

1. What do I need to know about teaching?

Academics have changing needs throughout their careers:

  • How to develop a repertoire of teaching techniques and resources (early career)
  • How to develop professional knowledge and innovative practice (mid career)
  • How to develop leadership and scholarship in teaching (later career)

2. How can I learn about teaching?

Academics may choose to learn in a variety of formal and informal ways.

PLS Web 1 Formal Informal Developing techniques & resources Developing knowledge & practice Developing leadership & scholarship

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